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Listen | Nas’s 1992 Pre-Illmatic ‘It Aint Hard To Tell’ (Remake)

So I was in that nostalgic mood and started crate digging into the golden era of hip hop and in terms of playlist, I might have been influenced by the recent accolade of Nas, having his debut album ‘Illmatic’ inducted into the National Library Of Congress, Recording Registry. Nevertheless, while digging I came across a remake by Polish beatmaker Innotic Beats of ‘Nas – Nas Will Prevail’ produced by Large Proffesor from the 1992 Pre-Illmatic album by Nas.

For some who dont know, ‘Nas Will Prevail’ was the original song to It Aint Hard To Tell on the Illmatic debut album sampling Michael Jackson’s song Human Nature. When you revisit ‘Nas Will Prevail’ today, you will notice that the quality isn’t that great, so Innotic Beats decided to enhance the quality and add a few edits as stated by Innotic Beats below…

…Nas Will Prevail” is an initial version of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” from Illmatic. Both tracks produced by Large Professor with use of same samples. Good quality version is probably not existing, so I decided to remake it on my own. Acapella taken from CD maxi single of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”, “Nas Will Prevail” acapella also is not existing.” – Innotic Beats

Watch the mashup video and get the song FREE below

Nas – Nas Will Prevail ( Innotic Remake ) Mashup Video

DOWNLOAD Nas – Nas Will Prevail (Innotic Beats) remake FREE below

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