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Watch: Bernelie releases new music video to album single ‘High’

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South African singer songwriter and musician Bernelie just dropped the first music video to her highly anticipated new album single, ‘High’.

The new song as Bernelie says,
“…it somewhat takes your mind off worries or problems you might be facing right now. That’s why I wrote it. To forget about it all for a moment, focus on yourself and just be present.”

Visually, the new video had initially been envisioned with a concept that included a whole cast, however amidst the corona virus pandemic the creative team changed direction and we are extremely happy with the end result, said Bernelie. The music video directed by Marku Boshoff also features the songs music producer Marius De Beer displaying his instrumental talent on bass and electric guitar.

Bernelie’s new album release originally scheduled for May 2, 2020 at Cape Town’s live music lounge and bar The Raptor Room, has unfortunately been postponed due to lockdown restrictions, but fans can stay updated on new developments via her social media platforms.

Watch Bernelie – High (Official Music Video)

So to end off with some good news, I’m sure you will be pleased to know that you can download the single FREE, however as many independent artists struggle during the corona virus pandemic, donations will be much appreciated.

Get Bernelie’s new single ‘High’

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