Watch: The saga continues as Black Monday returns for season 2

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SHOWTIME’S comedy drama ‘Black Monday’ takes a trip down memory lane to one of the worlds worst financial meltdowns to hit Wall Street, the stock market crash of 1987. The day it all went tumbling down in the United States, and became known as ‘Black Monday’.

The show officially premiered on 20 January 2019,  tracking Don Cheadle (Mo Monroe) an investment trading firm owner of the Jammer Group, trying to be the biggest player on Wall Street, in the build up to the stock market crash. After rave reviews and numerous accolades which included Don Cheadle’s Emmy Nomination for his role as Mo Monroe, it was announced that this ‘dramedy’ would return for a second season.  So, check out Black Monday’s season 2 trailer which premiered March 15, 2020 below…

Watch Black Monday’s Season 2 Trailer

Black Monday is also available on DSTV’s 1Magic (channel 103) 

Keep up with the latest on Black Monday here

For those of you haven’t seen the first season click here

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