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Little Brother are back with new album release

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Little Brother have just released a new album titled May The Lord Watch after a 9 year hiatus which left many fans wondering, what happened? The group from Durham, North Carolina featuring Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder first blew up the scene with their debut album The Listening (2003), to critical acclaim with flow, lyricism and tight production by 9th Wonder, solidifying their name as a serious outfit in the hip hop industry. Their debut album most definitely catapulted 9th Wonder’s music production career, which resulted in him earning high profile gigs with artists like Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child to name a few. Heavily influenced by outfits like The Native Tongues, De la SoulA Tribe A Called Quest and new age acts like The Roots and Black Star, played an integral part in their journey and musical sound.

I remember the first time listening to Little Brother’s debut album, which for me was a  masterpiece and immediately I was hooked, wanting to hear every album they released after. Despite losing 9th Wonder in 2007 and leaving Atlantic Records they released the album Left Back (2010), with a new producer and even mentioned the departure of 9th Wonder on the song ‘Curtain Call‘. Little Brother’s discography include an array of mixtapes and official albums like The Listening (2003), The Minstrel Show (2005), The Getback (2007) and Left Back (2010) before releasing their new album ‘ May The Lord Watch‘ (2019). So  to not hesitate, listen to Little Brother’s new album below, which in my opinion is a solid offering for Little Brother fans!

Listen to Little Brother’s new album ‘May The Lord Watch’ (2019) via EMPIRE 

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