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Playlist: Hussle & Motivate

I can definitely say that this joint “Hussle & Motivate” is a big banger, accompanied by a piano sample that makes you think of JAY-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” track, but with a fat bass line. However lyrically, this song definitely inspires and speaks the truth of a young man who knew what he had to do, to get what he wanted. The song by Nipsey Hussle even had the U.S Women’s Soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe quote lyrics on her Instagram after winning the Golden Ball and Golden Boot award at The FIFA Womens World Cup in France Final 2019.

Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues,” Rapinoe captioned a photo of herself beaming above her trophies. “I just respected the game, now my name all in the news. Trippin’ on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to prove.” via LA Times

Listen to Nipsey Hussle – Hussle & Motivate

Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Song: Hussle & Motivate
Album: Victory Lap (2018)

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