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Listen: Kwazulu Natal rap artist ‘Maps’ new EP drop

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Nothing makes me happier than discovering a talented South African rap artist that I never knew existed and based on content lyrically and musically, I think to myself, “why have I not heard of this artist before?” Well, let’s be honest, in this industry it’s not that they better than you but they have better marketing than you. So that being said, I recently stumbled across a rappper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Durban, Kwazulu Natal by the name of Mphumelo ‘ Maps’ Maphumulo, who recently released his new EP titled “From The Heart”.

‘Maps’ first got recognition as a rapper after the release of his debut mixtape “Too Real To Be Famous”, followed up by his single “Hells Kitchen” released in 2018. Having a vision of pursuing a career as an independent artist, he released his latest offering “From The Heart” EP in 2019. The new 7 track EP displays as he says, “vivid lyricism, storytelling and hip hop craftsmanship that discusses life experiences, anguish and heart break, while sharing inspirational wisdom and lessons”. The body of work on this offering really encapsulates the title of the EP, so I’ll let you be the judge of his latest release and listen to the album below.

Listen to Maps ‘From The Heart’ EP below  

Get ‘Maps’ new EP on the platforms listed below
Apple music

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