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Watch: Snoop Dogg’s new music video

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Snoop Dogg is back and barking as loud as ever, with the release of his new song ‘Countdown’ produced by Swizz Beats. Just when you thought the doggy dog went to lie in the kennel and cook with Martha Stewart, he came out growling ready to attack with the release of his new music video.  The new song by Snoop seemed like a flashback into a time capsule of the 90’s with low riders, check shirts, and signature sample sounds, which became iconic from his days at Deathrow Records. The scenes in the new music video to my understanding, depicts  Snoops journey in three phases, starting out with his break at Deathrow with ‘Doggy Style‘, then changes to him making it in the music business, and his current role of giving back to the youth and being a mentor to up and coming artists. The only thing missing in this video would be the faces of, Nate Dogg, Kurupt and Daz Dillinger from the legendary ‘Dogg Pound Gang‘. So to not talk any further, I’ll let you be the judge of Snoop Dogg’s latest offering and check out the music video below…

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