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The worlds first Ethereum funded film

I am sitting here writing this article and thinking, I really don’t know much about the cryptocurrency world and always thought it’s a bubble that’s just waiting to burst. However, I must admit that maybe I might be wrong on my perceptions regarding this new phenomenon, when news stories show the progress of how it is changing the world we live in.

So when we think about film funding, it’s normally the conventional way of asking friends and family, a film studio, investors or crowd funding, that allow filmmakers to create their various projects. So just when you thought the bus stopped there, we are hit with a brand new way of funding called cryptocurrency. So to explore this dynamic further, The Pitts Circus movie is the world’s first Ethereum funded film directed by Ken Fanning, who is bringing this award winning production to Switzerland, to make its Swiss Premiere at the International Innovation Film Festival taking place in Bern 15- 18 February 2019.

Watch the trailer for the worlds first Ethereum funded movie

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ken Fanning

Running Time: 1 hr 27min

The Pitts Circus film has screened at various film festivals including Hollywood , winning numerous awards on their journey. This innovative way of funding was orchestrated with the assistance from Ethereum Movie Venture, and if this is the future, then independent filmmakers can definitely smile with optimism, about what this means in terms of creating what they want to.

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For more information regarding the Ethereum Movie Venture funding process, click HERE

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