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Check out CNN’s series, Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History

This eight-part CNN Original Series explores the music tied to iconic moments in history, from the March on Washington to the riots at Stonewall, to the moon landing to Hurricane Katrina.

Exploring the music that kept the spirit of the civil rights movement alive following Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.

Following the killings of four Kent State University students during anti-Vietnam War protests, politically driven songs from Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield and others became popular.

Following Hurricane Katrina, international artists from U2 to Kanye West joined New Orleans musicians in benefit concerts to help ensure the city’s rich traditions survived.
Charting the course of the Cold War in Berlin through music revealing how it helped to sow the seeds of rebellion.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s moonwalk inspired musicians from David Bowie and the Byrds to Parliament-Funkadelic and Sun Ra to imagine a cosmic future for mankind.
Billie Jean King’s win against Bobby Riggs in their famous tennis match was a galvanizing moment for the women’s movement and ushered in music that delivered messages of female empowerment.

This is all available on Showmax

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