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The 1st International Innovation Film Festival launches in Switzerland

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The world’s first International Innovation Film Festival (IIFF) focusing on innovation and diversity will take place from the 15 – 18 February in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The festivals vision is to create a platform where innovative filmmakers can share and screen their work,  being live at the official screening but also through promoting selected films on their online webinar. The main aim of the event is to bring creatives and Blockchain enthusiasts together, offering a platform where ideas, projects and opportunities can be exchanged, developed and improved.

Watch IIFF Festival Director Tony Caradonna provide some insight on the festival

The IIFF will be opened by the Mayor of Bern, Alec von Graffenried on February 15th in Switzerland and invites everyone from anywhere to join the online webinar FOR FREE. February 16-18, 2019, the festival will showcase feature films, short films, and documentaries that have an innovative approach, be it in financing, storytelling or even films which are beyond the conventional format.

Online participants at the IIFF will enjoy a diverse program with panel talks, screenings, presentations, and workshops with guest speakers from all over the world. Join the conference for the whole day or just for the topic(s) of your choice. Simply Register HERE

Watch Manuel Stagars film trailer “The Blockchain an Us” which will be screened opening night

South Africa will be represented by international acclaimed filmmaker Uga Carlini, from Towerkop Creations, who’s award winning hybrid documentary feature film ALISON, will screen at the festival. Towerkop Creations has been specializing in female driven heroine stories since 2010. Carlini will also be part of a panel discussion that will focus on “Exploring the role of female perspectives in film and story”.

Watch the ALISON trailer 

For more information on the International Innovation Film Festival program, tickets and more, click HERE

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