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Indie band Crumb, hits all the write notes

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photograph by Alberto R. Santos

While randomly searching for bands online, I walked away from the computer and left Youtube on auto play, allowing whatever came up to lead my musical journey. Next thing I know, I hear an amazing ambient synth jazzy pop sound coming from the playlist and immediately I needed to know who the artist was. The artist/band name discovered was called Crumb, and of course, what I would normally do when I find something I like, is to play that track again! The track that caught my attention and blew me away  was titled ‘Locket’, and what a trippy visual experience it was.

Watch the video for “Locket” below:


Who is the band?

Crumb is a New York -via- Boston jazz psych pop band comprised of four members, Jesse Brotter (bass), Brian Aronow (keys+saxophone), Jonathan Gilad (drums), and Lila Ramani (vocals+guitar) leading the way with her lazy yet smooth voice. The band independently released their debut EP Crumb in 2016, and in 2017 released their second EP titled Locket. To be honest, I’m not sure when we can expect new music from them, but I’m definitely looking forward to what they create next.  In the meantime all we can do is wait, but best believe, I will be listening to a few songs on repeat.

Listen to more of Crumb below:

Listen to the Locket EP by Crumb below:


Keep up with new releases from Crumb on the platforms listed below:





What do you think of the band Crumb?

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