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Straight outta Steenberg, Hood Boy Pikkaso drops debut single

I am really excited by the evolution of the South African hip hop scene and how many unknown but extremely talented artists exist in the ‘rainbow nation’. However, be it as it may, the current progression unfolding, makes me proud to say that Cape Town’s forefathers of  hip hop ‘Prophets of da city’ paved and influenced the way for future emcees to take and create their own future in the hip hop culture. One of the artists who caught my attention Hood Boy Pikkaso, who’s actually a producer,  decided that instead of featuring or finding an artist to work with on his produced beats, decided to take matters into his own hands and do the whole package, be producer and artist to get his craft out there.

Do follow and support super hot prospect from the local streets of Steenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. A pure example of the many talented people breaking through the Capetown, South Africa’s local music scene! Lets add weight to the ever growing support of Kurt Lewis known by stage name Hood Boy Pikkaso with combining real messages through his music with entertaining beats and smart punch lines that display his conscious train of thought, knowing what power music has in uplifting the power of knowledge and education, thus changing the perception of people around the world . This is the true meaning of  hip hop!

Peep Hood Boy Pikkaso’s debut single and music video ‘ Dont like me’ below:

Keep up with future releases by Hood Boy Pikkaso on the links listed below:




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